The Road to aR.G. Certification

Born as Christopher Edwards Gamper on June 28th, 1970; also known as Chris or Gamper or Gamp or certain extremely flattering terms (or less then desirable terms) not proper for a persons historical representation.

Christopher has been playing the drums since the age of 8, performing professionally since 1987. In 1995 he completed a bachelors degree in Jazz Studies/Percussion form Central State University, Ohio which demanded proficiency in drumset as well as vibraphone, marimba, steel drums and accessory percussion.
Throughout the degree process he gigged and recorded continuously on all instruments with repertoire ranging from baroque, classical and contemporary classical to carribean, latin and jazz. He has performed extensively in the Cincinnati- Columbus, Ohio area, Chicago, New York City and, since 1996, the San Francisco Bay Area.

More recently, he performs and records regularly on drumset in the San Francisco Bay Area with small jazz combos. He also continues his work on solo compositions for marimba, vibraphone and tenor steel drum. As of recent, you may also catch him causing people to boogie down with some San Francisco funk projects (check the gig listings!).

As a testament to his professional accomplishments and dedication to the drum industry, Christopher has been accepted into the Artist Relations programs of some of the finest percussion equipment manufacturers in the world. He is proud to be supported by Aquarian Drum Heads, Axis Percussion, Bosphorus Cymbals, DW (Drum Workshop) Hardware and Mapex Drums.

Frequently said by C. Gamper to pennies at wishing fountains:
"May the road to freedom in musical expression never end for me and may it always be this fun to explore and persevere on this journey and I really hope I get more gigs soon!"

Favorite Musical Quote by Dizzy "Birks" Gillespie:
"There are no wrong notes. There are just some notes that you get off of quicker than others!"